Welcome to Synesthesiated

Juni 8th, 2009

Hallo, everyone!

Now that I know that my videos are being watched more often all over the world than in my home-country of germany, I decided to extend my website with these „international“ pages where I present my current and past video-editing-projects.
Although there are older posts in here, this is actually the first one. The older ones are just dated to the actual „release“-dates of the videos (for chronology).
From this day forward there won’t be these huge gaps between posts anymore, for I spend a lot more time with video-editing by now.

So stay tuned!



Current projects:

  • Isolate (Animation) [Release-Date: June 12th]
  • Elements-Quadrology (AMV) [Release-Date Chapter I: July/August]

Future projects:

  • Today won’t go down in History (HQ-Recut)
  • Earth Collage (Recut)
  • Regular Dimensions (AMV-Tribute Movie-Edit)
  • t.b.a. (Movie-Edit)

Interpretation of In Flames

März 30th, 2009

Another interpretation of a song.
This time: „Crawl through Knives“ by In Flames.
Little remark:
You need at least some basic knowledge about In Flames (old & new), gothenburger melodic-death-metal bands and current wannabe metal/hardcore-bands :)

Watch at Youtube

Intro: Machine Man II – Animated

Januar 26th, 2009

This clip claims to be the intro of the animated-version of the movie Machine Man II – Rendesvouz at the Aquadrome, whereas neither the movie nor the animated-version actually exists in any way more than in the heads of a friend of mine and me.
It’s about a guy named „Machine Man II“, who can morph into a motorcycle and uses this ability to fight evil :))
The footage is taken from GTA:San Andreas and recorded with fraps. The soundtrack is Turbo Lover by Judas Priest. The editing is of medium quality (I also forgot to deinterlace), the captions are mainly „insider“-jokes and the video becomes a bit boring after a while if you don’t love the song as much as I do, but anyway… I like it :)
Video-editing and „Iris“-effect done with Virtual Dub, composition, transitions and captions done with Windows Movie Maker, startingimage-editing done with Corel Photo Paint, original concept by *drink* and myself.

Watch at Youtube

Today won’t go down in History

September 15th, 2008

Let me tell you a little story about greed and desperation, about love and death, about sacrifice and home – accompanied with wonderful ballads by Enter Shikari.
I recommend viewing this one in fullscreen.

Watch at Youtube (Medium-Quality)
Download at Rapidshare (High-Quality & WideScreen)

Interpretation of Alexisonfire

Februar 28th, 2007

My interpretation of „This Could Be Anywhere In The World“ by Alexisonfire. I kinda dislike it’s pretentious criticism by now, but apart from that it’s imho funny and fitting.
I recommend the uncensored version (you’ll find a link below the vid), but you need a youtube-acc for that.

Watch censored-version at Youtube
Watch uncut-version at Youtube (youtube-account required)