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Interpretation of In Flames

Montag, März 30th, 2009

Another interpretation of a song.
This time: „Crawl through Knives“ by In Flames.
Little remark:
You need at least some basic knowledge about In Flames (old & new), gothenburger melodic-death-metal bands and current wannabe metal/hardcore-bands :)

Watch at Youtube

Interpretation of Alexisonfire

Mittwoch, Februar 28th, 2007

My interpretation of „This Could Be Anywhere In The World“ by Alexisonfire. I kinda dislike it’s pretentious criticism by now, but apart from that it’s imho funny and fitting.
I recommend the uncensored version (you’ll find a link below the vid), but you need a youtube-acc for that.

Watch censored-version at Youtube
Watch uncut-version at Youtube (youtube-account required)