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Mittwoch, Juli 28th, 2010

A little sweet nothing for you:
The sunrise how I experience it from my living room.
Music by Daniel Licht, taken from the Dexter Soundtrack

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News / Update

Mittwoch, Juli 14th, 2010

Ok, guys and gals, I’m 27 years old now and had a wonderful birthday with some good friends at mount Lousberg here in Aachen, Germany. I also finished a whole lot of duties until today, so there’s not so much left to do except studying for the exams. It will all be over in the middle of august – at least until it all starts again in october. But it means two months to do whatever I want. So there will finally be some progress in my ongoing projects.
I don’t know about the recuts and the AMV-thing, because I kinda lost ideas for that – I will most probably go forward with shooting stuff. Like the Drought³ music video and the short-film/music-video. Also the promotion-spot for DKMS (~german bone marrow donor list). And I’m planning on a kind of low budget feature film in the „woodland-psychothriller“-department. Time will tell. There’s also my scifi-novel, which has been on hold for a few weeks because of time and creativity issues. So be patient… ‚cause Synesthesiated’s still not dead!